Euler's Integral of the Second Kind

Evaluate $\displaystyle \int_1^\infty \left(\frac{\ln x}{x}\right)^{2011}\,dx$.

I had this rather fun problem on my calculus homework so I thought I should share a solution :0

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Infinite Nested Radicals

Not too long ago, a person who shall not be named challenged me to a math problem apparently believing I wouldn’t be able to solve it.

The problem is to solve for $x$

\[x=\sqrt{5+\sqrt{5+\sqrt{5+\cdots}}}.\] More …

Is this a Prime Number?

There was an interesting conversation I found on the CodeVision Discord server

\[2^{2^{77,232,917}} - 1\]

Now we have this number, but it’s obviously huge, so we don’t want to calculate all those digits out to determine if it is prime or not.

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Unpacking Odin Anticheat

Edit: This JAR was protected with the Paramorphism Java obfuscator by Anthony Som.

Edit #2: Removed JAR link at request of the author.

While this JAR wasn’t too hard to poke around in and figure out what is going on, I found this one of the more unique obfuscations I have seen in attempting to prevent Java reverse-engineering.

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