Hello! I am chris, an ambitious mathematics major with research interests in algebraic combinatorics, particularly in topics related to quiver mutations. I also have tangential interests in the areas of topology and analysis. I also am interested in obfuscation of Java bytecode. Some hobbies I have are throwing yo-yos (favorite style is 3A), speedcubing, playing chess, and watching anime.

Contact Info

There are a variety of ways to contact me. The best ways of reaching out to me are via [email protected] or Discord (preferrably the latter). I typically go through both for new messages frequently but sometimes forget to reply. If you don’t get a reply from me within 12 hours, feel free to resend your message to get my attention.


I am currently working towards my honors B.S. in mathematics with my thesis being on a connection between mutation of quivers with potential to a variant of urban renewal of dimer models.

I am also a grader, forums moderator, and teaching assistant at the Art of Problem Solving Online School. At AoPS, I have TA’d and answered questions as a forums moderator from the following courses:

At my university and privately, I have also helped fellow students with the following topics:

Computer programming things

In my free time, I sometimes enjoy the endeavors of programming. I am most proficient with the Java and Python programming languages with some experience also in C, C++, and MATLAB. Some libraries I have regularly worked with are OW2 ASM, NumPy, SageMath, and Matplotlib.

I am also an advocate of Free and open-source software (FOSS). While we are on that subject, consider reading this blog post by Drew DeVault about why GitHub Copilot is an obnoxious disregard of FOSS licenses.

I also have an interest in security research — especially when Java and reverse-engineering are involved. During my highschool days, I enjoyed participating in Capture the Flag cybersecurity competitions with my team redpwn.


I used to be a classical piano student!

Favorite pieces:

TwoSetViolin fan btw. B)